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In this section there are a collection of articles discussing magnetic therapy related topics and other miscellaneous topics that are associated to the operation of the ImmunOnOne.


Treatment Point Resistance

"The ImmunOnOne uses dedicated treatment points which is a uniqueness that other magnetic treatment devices simply don't have." 

Treatment Point low resistance was first studied with scientific rigor by Yoshio Nakatani, in 1950 in Japan. He has found that such points are at around 10 kΩ low resistance relative to their surrounding outside of about 1.5+/-0.5 mm diameter, which is of about 4,000+/-1,000 kΩ resistance. The base (ryodoten) of these points is of about 0.5 mm in diameter. Most of these points are connected with lines (ryororku) of also low resistance of 180+/-40 kΩ at the body center and 150+/-30 kΩ elsewhere. The cross section of a Treatment Point resistance is illustrated here in a central distance vs. electrical resistance diagram.

  treatment point resistance diagram

What is state of the art in Magnet Therapy now?

Are there devices similar to the ImmunOnOne?

The insert to the right is copied by permission informing a natural healing Hungarian magazine (Termeszet Gyogyasz Magazin, 2007 February, XII. Year, No. 2) readers about the latest development in therapeutic electronics proposed for clinical or personal use. The developer is the Ohio State University Clinics. The device is a “trans-cranial magnetic stimulator” (TMS).  The plan is to use it to prevent the onset of migraine headaches. On 42 patients they achieved 70% success rate. That  rate in the placebo group was 48%. Due to the still large size, heavy weight and expected high price, however, commercial device is not in the planning yet. Experiments are on going with no explanation given on how it works.

   trans-cranial magnetic stimulator” (TMS)

Is an immune system under-reaction better than over-reaction?


This question was asked by Timothy Brown, PA and merits a better explanation that we could give an FAQ.

Please consider the excellent description of the immune system’s under and over reactions to external and internal stimuli listed by Alyssa Ford in the Experience Life magazine, October 2007 issue on p.61-62 ( under Immune Essentials:

“In super-simple terms, the immune system is responsible for distinguishing between the “self” and “non-self.” It then responds accordingly —supporting and defending the parts it perceives as “you” (your cells, tissues, organs, etc.), and blocking or attacking anything it perceives as “not you”. Our bodies’ first line of defense in this effort is known as the “innate” immune system, which includes skin, hair, eyelashes, stomach acid, sweat, tears and cilia (small fibers) in your lungs and nose.

The second line of defense is the “adaptive” immune system, which includes antibodies, antigen, presenters (dendritic cells and macrophages), attack cells (lymphocytes), and your own SWAT-like surveillance team of proteins and peptides (cytokines). Fully 60 percent of your adaptive immune system resides in your small intestine. But the spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, tonsils, adenoids, appendix and bone marrow also act as key staging grounds for these adaptive cells.

Our immune system requires ongoing maintenance to function properly; if it does not get it, the immune response can malfunction in one (or more) ways:

Over response to external stimuli: When the immune system over reacts to antigens in the environment, allergic reactions — including eczema, and allergies to food, the environment and toxins — are the typical result.

Under response to External Stimuli: When the immune system slacks on its job of countering microbes, you become more vulnerable to parasitic, bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, including things like Staphylococcus auras (staph infection), cold virus, herpes (caused by the herpes simplex virus) and toxoplasmosis.

Over response to Internal Stimuli: A misguided or confused immune system can start attacking healthy organs and tissues, creating autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma ( a corrective tissue disease) and inflammatory bowel disease.

Under response to Internal Stimuli: If the immune system fails to recognize and clear out irregular cells, those cells can grow and multiply out of control, potentially leading to cancer — any one of 200 diseases that have the ability to invade and damage normal tissues. Ironically, the immune system sometimes the source of the overgrowth, in the case of leukemias and lymphomas.

While the immune-supporting strategy that’s best for you will depend on the nature of the immune-system challenge you’re facing, many of the most essential elements of immune boosting have their roots in the same tactics that support good basic health. These include things like prioritizing good nutrition and healthy digestion, avoiding toxins, minimizing stress, and giving your body ample opportunity to recover from the demands you place on it every day.”

We agree with this assertion and add, that Dr Fekete’s 2 stet rated Immune Sentry Treatment H (Immune System Regulation) using the ImmunOnOne self-healer is one of the best —if not the perfect— ways for that ongoing maintenance, Ms. Ford emphasized, because the left alone immune system can really be confused with both external (exogenic) and internal (endogenic) stimuli and can even be locked up. Treatments F and G are therefore equally important addressing the two sides of the same equation.

And thus one can appreciate that the emphasis is not on the boosting or strengthening of the immune system — although, that can be paramount — but rather on its regulation or control, so it will neither under-react nor over-react, but react properly. That is the alertness and right responsiveness of your immune system is even more important than its strength or the strength of its reactions. So consider this: You can get the right nutrients and chemicals from healthy food and can help its digestion with proper exercise and do all what Ms. Ford suggested. All that is good for you and will help you. However, what you cannot get from food and exercise is the proper control stimuli for your immune system, when that is needed. Only a properly designed and built external control system (exogenic to your body) can give you that and that is the ImmunOnOne self-healer. The only one of its kind.

What is treatment action - reaction synergism?

If a single treatment action has a single cure effect, the therapy is a SISO (Single Input Single Output) therapy.
Example: Heating up cold feet for comfort.

If a single treatment has multiple cure effect, the therapy is a SIMO (Single Input Multiple Output) therapy.
Example: Drinking water to reduce stomach ache and to dilute urine.

If a multiple treatment has a single cure effect, the therapy is MISO (Multiple Input Single Output) therapy.
Example: Drinking water with bicarbonate to ease heartburn.

If a multiple treatment has multiple effect, the therapy is MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) therapy.
Example: Taking aspirin with juice to lower blood pressure and kill pain.

The ImmunOnOne has 3 inputs (photonic, magnetic and galvanic) and multiple curing effects (immune system regulation, pain reduction, allergy relief and more). Thus it is MIMO.

The photonic pulses are programmed for blood conditioning (detoxification), but it has many other positive effects with curing power.
The magnetic pulses are programmed for neural network switching (gate control), but it has many other beneficial effects with curing power as well.
The galvanic pulses are programmed for endocrine secretion induction (self chemistry production), but it has many other important effects, also with curing power.

The ImmunOnOne electronic device is programmed in such a way that any action listed acts between the silent phases of the other two actions, filling the intermission of the pulses. This patented feature provides the high efficiency and curing power of the ImmunOnOne wand and allows it to be operated from small batteries and thus be portable and wearable. In many MIMO therapies, the input-output actions are hard to separate or are inseparable on the output side. One action makes the other ones more effective. That is action synergism.


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Pulse Synergism

Discovered and pioneered by Dr. Kemeny and built into every ImmunOnOne is a function called Pulse Synergism. Pulse Synergism is a technique where the pulses of the photonic and magnetic emissions are superimposed and when done so have a benefit larger than the sum of these two components. In simple terms this means when the ImmuneOnOne lights are in the pulsed on state, the magnetic pulse is off and vice-versa. With Pulse Synergism the ImmunOnOne has two major benefits, treatment time, and the number of treatment points are significantly reduced.

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