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Alternative Therapy

Alternative medicine includes practices that differ from conventional medicine. Some alternative medicine practices are homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and herbal medicine. A typical definition is "every available approach to healing that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine". Alternative medicine practices may be based on unconventional belief systems or philosophies; biological data and observations or biochemical principles; and some may not follow the scientific method. They may incorporate spiritual, metaphysical, or religious underpinnings, untested practices, pre-modern medical traditions, or newly developed approaches to healing. If an alternative medical approach, previously unproven according to orthodox scientific or regulatory methodologies, is subsequently shown to be safe and effective, it may then be adopted by conventional practitioners and no longer considered "alternative".

"Alternative medicine" is often categorized together with complementary medicine using the umbrella term Complementary and alternative medicine or CAM.

The ImmunOnOne is considered an alternative therapy device. Its approach for applying treatment therapy is by administering magnetic and photonic pulses and galvanic current to designated treatment points on the body. Please see the paragraphs below for a discussion about magnetic therapy.  

Magnetic Therapy defined

Magnetic therapy is an alternative therapy or alternative treatment involving the use of static or pulsed magnetic fields. Practitioners claim that subjecting certain parts of the body to magnetic fields has beneficial health effects. Typically common ailments or health issues related to pain can be treated. Magnetic therapy has been around for centuries primarily in Asia, India, Greece and Egypt. In more recent years it has spread west to some European countries, but in North America it is still regarded as alternative treatment to assist or in some cases replace modern medicine.


Is Magnetic Therapy Safe

Magnet therapy is used by over 150 million people worldwide. Clinical studies in the U.S., Far East and Europe have shown magnet therapy to be a safe, effective method of relieving pain and promoting health and wellness. There have not been any cases or reports of harmful effects due to the use of magnetic therapy. Many eastern European countries, as well as parts of Asia, use magnet therapy extensively and continue to find that it provides tremendous benefits for a wide range of ailments and conditions. Magnet therapy is also effective as a preventative measure. The ImmunOnOne with its patented pulsed magnetics and photonic therapy aid in regulating the immune system prompting natural self healing. The World Health Organization has stated that magnet therapy is safe and has no known health risks.


Magnetic Principle and Healing

All life, be it plant life, animal life or human life, exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the Earth. It should be made clear that using magnets themselves do not heal or cure; rather using magnetic energy provides the body with the necessary ingredients it needs to repair itself. We live on a big magnet called the earth and every individual on the earth has been exposed to and has benefited from the earth's natural magnetic energy fields. It's healthy and necessary to sustain life on earth. The ImmunOnOne is based on this principle and uses the natural healing characteristics of magnetic fields to promote health and wellness by providing the stimulus for self healing.   


Expected benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Individuals will experience different levels of results at differing time factors dependant on many elements. Much depends on the severity of the condition, how long it has existed, how long and how often the therapy has been administered and other factors of lesser degree. Some users report receiving relief within a few minutes, others have said it takes a few hours, while others did not gain benefit for days or weeks. In some cases permanent relief was never achieved, rather reduced frequency and diminished severity were sometimes the outcome. It has been noted that some ailments did not respond to magnetic therapy for some individuals.  


Exogenic or Endogenic Health Care which is right for you?

Choosing between these two types of health care is important as each will bring different results, risk, cost and consequences. This could be your most important reading , and will change your life...

Exogenic means you take prescription drugs to cure yourself.

Endogenic means you stimulate your body to make its own medicine.

Exogenic Health Care

Exogenic health care is probably you are practicing and familiar with. It works like this:

1) You get sick or something makes you sick.

2) You notice the symptoms and visit your doctor.

3) Your doctor diagnoses you and prescribes you medicine.

4) You get the medicine from your pharmacy and take it.

5) Your symptoms disappear and you think you are cured.

6) If the doctor treated your problem at the roots, then you are cured.

7) If the doctor treated only your symptoms, then you are not cured and will have to start again at step 2.

8) If the medicine had some side effect, then you may get another sickness and will have to start again at step 1.

Eventually, with time —in general— you can get in worse (rather than better) shape and spend a lot of time and money and still will be unhappy about this “pill peddling” health care system and its result. You may feel helpless, trapped and betrayed. You may worry about wrong diagnosis and wrong medicine or that the right medicine can negatively affect healthy organs, which needed no such “help”. That is when you may look for alternative, more natural ways to get health. If you do nothing else, you may look for dietary supplements or for alternative natural therapy.

Endogenic Health Care

You may have heard of endogenic health care but probably have never tried it. It works like this:

1) You get sick or something makes you sick.

2) You notice the symptoms and stimulate your body to diagnose itself and produce its own medicine.

3) Your symptoms disappear and you are cured.

Eventually, over time and in general you get in better shape and spend less and less time and no more money. You are happy about this “self assist” alternative health care method and its results. You feel in control and self confident. You do not worry about mistakes in diagnosis and medicine because self medicine has no side effect. Nature knows better. Your body is your best doctor and pharmacist. You just need to give it the right stimulus! There are several ways to do that, but we recommend using ImmunOnOne electronic therapy. That way you will never look back because you have found the final solution!

Note that this comparison greatly simplifies the situation! Doctors may prescribe therapy or change your diet or habits and lifestyle. Doctors may refer you to specialists for surgery or other serious interventions. If they are wrong, you could slip in to trauma! If that happens, only paramedics and doctors can help you because your body cannot cure itself as quickly as needed in injury.  So consider the alternative treatment and therapy of ImmunOnOne as your doctor’s assistant. It enables you to stay healthy, only needing your doctor for checkups. Do not forget - you are human and so are your doctor and pharmacist. Humans can and usually do make mistakes. You may not inform your doctor correctly about your symptoms or habits, which can yield to further problems, not to solutions. The ImmunOnOne always communicates with your inner doctor correctly so long as you follow the instructions included with the device. However, even if you do not follow instructions correctly, you may not be cured completely yet your condition will not get worse and you will not get any new problems! This is because your inner doctor ignores stimuli calling it to cure healthy organs. This way, you can eliminate the human mistakes in your cure.

Do not forget: Dietary supplements are important assistant to your doctor and to yourself, but so are medicines. You may buy them without prescription on a hunch from an unreliable source such as your neighbor or from the news. In some situations, they can be better or much worse than prescription drugs! Supplements have high demand on your education and self-responsibility. So overall, using ImmunOnOne is simple, has no known adverse effect and you pay for it only once. It can cure most of your sicknesses and can keep you in good health for as long as you do not work against yourself with a bad diet, habit or life-style. Thus ImmunOnOne can be your best friend and your best investment in your long lasting health. Remember: No more innocent lies or embarrassing confessions to your doctor. No more needles, no more pills. No fear and no worry. Just push the button and relax. During treatment, you may feel slight warming from the ImmunOnOne device. It can remind you of the gentle touch of your mother’s hand, when you were still baby toddler. That is how recovery from illness should be anyway.


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Pulse Synergism

Discovered and pioneered by Dr. Kemeny and built into every ImmunOnOne is a function called Pulse Synergism. Pulse Synergism is a technique where the pulses of the photonic and magnetic emissions are superimposed and when done so have a benefit larger than the sum of these two components. In simple terms this means when the ImmuneOnOne lights are in the pulsed on state, the magnetic pulse is off and vice-versa. With Pulse Synergism the ImmunOnOne has two major benefits, treatment time, and the number of treatment points are significantly reduced.

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Alternative Therapy

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