Magnetic Therapy the alternative health care

Immune Sentry the creator of the ImmunOnOne health care product

Immune Sentry, Ltd. is directed by Dr. Zoltan Kemeny, PhD, President.

Our people: Dr. Kemeny is an engineer, specializing in pulsed dynamics with more than 30 years of academic and industrial experience. He and Dr. Albert Fekete, MD, invented and patented the ImmunOnOne electronic device. Dr. Kemeny devoted much of his time to develop the physics and dynamics of the ImmunOnOne over a 3 year period.  Dr. Fekete conducted extensive clinical research and product testing in Switzerland and Hungary. The electronics designer of the ImmunOnOne is Warren Williamson, EE, of Mesa, AZ. First Electronics, Inc of Tempe, AZ, W.L. Williamson & Assoc. of Mesa, AZ,  AZ, Black Lotus of Tempe, AZ, Flom Test Labs of Mesa, AZ, are among those who contributed to our success.

Dr. Fekete has more than 15 years experience practicing as a cardiac heart surgeon in Switzerland while at the same time studying and practicing alternative medicines, including needle-therapy, homeopathy, osteopathy,  magneto-therapy and photonic-therapy.  His conviction is that classical modern medicine properly combined with traditional alternative medicine is the best medical care doctors can provide to their patients.

Our philosophy is Dr. Fekete’s conviction: Patients have the right to use proven alternative therapies, even if those therapies are unconventional.

Our mission is to develop and provide alternative therapy choices that empower people with affordable and simple-to-use electronic therapeutic instruments to safeguard their immune system and balance their physical and mental health without inconveniencing their daily life.

Our goal is to produce high quality electronic products that meet market demand and make it affordable to and attainable by the general public

We at Immune Sentry, Ltd and all others that have dedicated their time to produce this product are very excited about the possibilities that exist of being able to help you improve your health and well being. We believe with consistent and proper use you will begin to feel and experience a healthier, stronger, and happier you. We are very interested in
your comments about the experience with the ImmunOnOne; please feel free to contact us. Your comments will be used to aid us in the advancement of this and the development of future products. 


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Pulse Synergism

Discovered and pioneered by Dr. Kemeny and built into every ImmunOnOne is a function called Pulse Synergism. Pulse Synergism is a technique where the pulses of the photonic and magnetic emissions are superimposed and when done so have a benefit larger than the sum of these two components. In simple terms this means when the ImmuneOnOne lights are in the pulsed on state, the magnetic pulse is off and vice-versa. With Pulse Synergism the ImmunOnOne has two major benefits, treatment time, and the number of treatment points are significantly reduced.

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Alternative Therapy

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