Magnetic Therapy the alternative health care
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ImmunOnOne Magnetic Therapy

(An Alternative Health Care Product)

Magnetic Therapy the alternative health care Magnetic flux field A Magnetic flux field is depicted by the metal filings aligning with the north and south pole of a magnet.
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This site provides information about the ImmunOnOne Magnetic Therapy Alternative Health Care Product. The main website for this product is at If you have not visited that site you may want to do that now as that site provides introductory information about the product. This site provides information that is more scientific and detailed in nature and may not be understood or appreciated without a basic understanding of the fundamental operation of the product. There is however a very brief description of the product provided in the Product Information section.

About the ImmunOnOne Magnetic Therapy device

The ImmunOnOne wand is an pulsed magnetic therapy device, which is designed to treat a set of 22 Points on your body. Hold its green light emitter over the 2 to 4 suggested treatment point groups in the sequence suggested for the alleviation of the listed specific health problems. Now push the ON/OFF button and relax.

In synergic combination, the device emits low energy magnetic, galvanic and photonic pulses in a programmed frequency package, which your body can absorb by resonance. After 5 minutes, the program and the pulsed field emissions stop. Some ailments, like acute problems, require occasional treatments, while others, like chronic conditions, require repeated treatments for extended time, until the problem goes away.

The pulsed emission fields act on classical reflex therapeutic points and help your body to heal by certain induced biological agent secretions, which serve as your bodies own natural medicine. This eliminates wrongly prescribed medicine problems, since your body knows better than your doctor what it needs for healing and —given the right impulse— perfectly capable to heal itself.

With extensive experimentation, we have found that the ImmunOnOne  is most effective in treating respiratory and skin allergies. While allergy medicines, like antihistamine, can make you sleepy and typically have other unwanted side effects, the ImmunOnOne has no such or any known side effects. Many patients having recurring strong allergic reaction, which typically last days or weeks, have experienced that using the ImmunOnOne their allergic reactions greatly lessened and ultimately receded within a day or two. If the allergy problem reoccurred it was found to be milder in nature as well as shorter in duration.

The second very successful treatment group was found to be the acute and chronic pain, including headache, migraine, joints and tendon pain, and such.

The third success treatment group aims to strengthen your immune system and to reinforce balance between your mental and physical health.

We keep experimenting with a host of ailments to treat with this miniaturized physiotherapy device. Its emits less electro-magnetic energy than a mobile-phone. We encourage you to use it as suggested and experiment with it at your own risk, since authorities do not regulate the making and use of such devices other than setting maximum strength of the emission fields, with which the ImmunOnOne complies. It also complies with all relevant environment protection regulations.

Finally, please note that the exact mechanism of such emission field therapies are not well known or understood and may be subject of scientific debate. In many years of experiments, we have not found any adverse effect of this device and have not received any reports or notifications of any such potential problems. Therefore, we do not claim that the ImmunOnOne device will diagnose or cure any disease or medical condition. Please, read all product warnings before using this device.

ImmunOnOne Pulsed Magnetics

The ImmunOnOne uses electro-magnets physically aligned in an oval or racetrack layout. The coils fire in pairs at a low variable frequency rate. When a coil pair firing (pulsing) sequence ends the pulsing sequence shifts to the next pair of coils on the race track. This pattern continues and sets up a revolving pulsating magnetic field. The electro-magnet shown on the left depicts the magnetic field when a coil is energized.

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Pulse Synergism

Discovered and pioneered by Dr. Kemeny and built into every ImmunOnOne is a function called Pulse Synergism. Pulse Synergism is a technique where the pulses of the photonic and magnetic emissions are superimposed and when done so have a benefit larger than the sum of these two components. In simple terms this means when the ImmuneOnOne lights are in the pulsed on state, the magnetic pulse is off and vice-versa. With Pulse Synergism the ImmunOnOne has two major benefits, treatment time, and the number of treatment points are significantly reduced.

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